Directions to Tower House
from the ferry landing.

From the ferry, you can only turn right, then immediately left onto Spring street (the main street in town). Cross two streets, then turn left onto Argyle. Stay on Argyle until it dead ends at the airport and turn left. The road curves to the right, goes uphill, curves to the left and goes down hill, then turn right onto Little Rd. Go to the end of the road and Tower House B&B will be on the corner of Little Rd and Douglas Rd., 3 miles from town. If you miss Argyle, go past Blair and turn left on Mullis connecting to Argyle/Cattle Point which also goes to Little Road. Another route is to stay on Spring Street. After leaving town the name will change to San Juan Valley Road. Turn left on Douglas Road, less than 2 miles from the ferry and turn left on Little Road. All 3 choices are the same distance. For bicyclists, Argyle/Cattle Point has 1 big hill on the way and San Juan Valley Road and Douglas have smaller rolling hills.  But Cattle Point road from town to Little Road has a shoulder lane.  The address is 392 Little Road.  Our numbering system changed and we used to be 1230 Little Road.

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Map of North Western Washington

Map of Western USA