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How To Choose Your Lodging

There are two common approaches when choosing lodging that may make a risky assumption. They are: 1. Using a guidebook with a rating system 2. Going on an online service or the Internet and simply asking "Where is the best place to stay ?" The assumption here is that the person writing for the guidebook or the person who responds to you likes the same things you do. If a guidebook is always written by the same person, then at least with a little experience, you can discover whether or not you agree with that writer. For example, "The Essential Guide to the San Juan Islands" by Marge & Ted Mueller contains reviews written by the authors instead of hired writers. They've written about 10 books for NW traveling. If a book uses a large number of writers and often changes writers, sometimes you'll agree and sometimes you won't, even though editors try to maintain consistancy.

A single response via E-mail could be worse. The responder may even be a friend of the owners. You should still try both these approaches, I certainly do when traveling, plus ask yourself some basic questions about your personal preferences:

Do you like complete privacy with little or no interaction with others? Along the same line, do you want to eat breakfast alone, eat with a small group or a large group? Typically the larger the establishment, the less personal and the more private. So hotels & motels would be more private than a country inn, a country inn more private than a B&B, although some B&B's have only one room. A great way to travel with friends is to find a B&B or cottage that has the same number of rooms as the number of couples.

Do you like to choose breakfast from a menu, a simple breakfast, heavy farmstyle breakfast, rich and sweet breakfast or large healthy breakfast? If you have special diet requirements, there are B&B's that cater to special diets if you give them enough advance notice. Do you like a simple table setting or an elagant one? Do you like lodging that accepts children, pets or adults only? Do you like clutter-free rooms or an interesting collection of antiques and/or knick-knacks? Do you like to be in town or in the country? Do you like small rooms or large suites (you can certainly ask the square footage of the rooms, including the bathroom)? Do you like a private bath (shared bath generally reduces the rates)? Do you want someone available at all times? Do you want a thermostat in your room? Do you want a hot tub and if so do you want it in your own suite or shared with everybody?

Another consideration is price. When shopping, don't forget to factor in the value of the breakfast. If you like a full breakfast with elegant atmosphere, it can add up pretty fast if not included.

You have a right to ask these questions and more. The San Juan Islands like many places have recently had an explosion of rooms available. There is something for everyone and you rarely need to grab the first room you find, unless you didn't reserve early during summer months. A lot of these questions can be answered for San Juan Island by simply clicking on "The Bed & Breakfast Association of San Juan Island", plus they maintain a room availability chart and list of web page links for all their members.  To determine the validity of the information on the availability calendar, check the date when last updated.  The calendar can save you many needless calls if places are getting full.