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Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels, and Motels on San Juan Island; Friday Harbor, Washington

There are numerous Bed and Breakfasts on San Juan Island. You'll find that  B&B's come in all sizes from one room to 14 room Bed and Breakfasts that feel  like a cross between a hotel and a B&B.  B&B's are spread all over the island for those seeking the quiet and beauty of the countryside or the convenience of in town. There is really only one hotel in Friday Harbor, the Friday Harbor House.  There are also motels (both go by inns in the name), resorts, such as Roche Harbor Resort, and camping


The Bed and Breakfast Association has pictures, descriptions and links to the individual Bed and Breakfasts on the island.  They also have a room availability calendar saving you those needless calls.  Note the date last updated on the calendar to determine if the information is truly valid.

Need to find out more about the island?  Please check out the San Juan Island Information and Link Directory.

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