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Guest Comments

A note about our guest room quotes: I have included the entire note written by our guests. When I read short excerpts, I always wonder what the rest of the comment was. Remember the commercial "in a research study.... no aspirin was found to be better than Bayer"? The rest of that line was "no aspirin was found to be worse than Bayer, all aspirins are alike" .

Guest quotes from the Tower room:

1. 8/14/96

"For two people who have traveled far and wide, this has truly been the most beautiful & hospitable stop. Without a doubt the accommodations were as warm as the people who provided them. We only hope to return in the future with open hearts and hungry stomachs."

R&P; Cincinnati, OH

2. 8/25/96

"It's not everyday that you feel like royalty, but you both have certainly made us feel that way. We couldn't have celebrated our anniversary in a better way. Your beautiful home makes this island more special. The Tower room is so romantic, and your special touches have not gone unnoticed. The breakfast was "out of this world". Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality we'll definitely be back!".

C&A; Redmond, WA

3. 9/9/96

"Our stay here was the redeeming point of our vacation. This is a truly charming place. You have thought of every detail to enhance the atmosphere. Thank you for your hospitality. We only wish we had stayed here longer. Hopefully we will return."

B&L; Bountiful, UT

4. 10/3/96

"We had such a great time I feel as though we should have you over to our place next time! Thank you for everything and remember us to Fluffy (aka mouse breath)!"

D&C; Sacramento, CA

5. 9/10/94

"Thank you so much for all your wonderful hospitality ! The rooms are beautiful and we really appreciated all of the little extra touches - the kisses on the pillows, the turned-down corners on the bed clothes and the heavenly breakfast! Most of all, we enjoyed the pleasant conversation and how you made us feel so welcome! We will be back!"

W&S; Sykesville, MD

6. 7/14/95

"We've certainly enjoyed staying in your fantastic home. The tower room is so beautiful that even after reading about it in your brochure, we weren't expecting it to be as lovely as it is. Certainly, we thank you for your hospitality and for the wonderful meals. Our honeymoon has really been enhanced by our short stay here with you. Thank you for helping us create wonderful memories. We hope to return again - maybe on an anniversary."

K&K; Portland, OR

7. 8/20/95

"We could not have asked for a more wonderful place to spend the first week of our married life. You two have made our honeymoon better than we could have ever dreamed. Your hospitality and excellent cooking have given us many memories to take with us. The Tower room was the perfect place to call "home" while we explored the islands. We are looking forward to returning again. Thanks again for a lovely time!"

E&J; Grisham, OR

8.  6/30/01

"The Tower Room is just delightful.  Our stay was pleasurable beyond words.  Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and for sharing all your secret places on the island.  We truly enjoyed the view from Young Mountain, but our favorite secret place was right here on your front porch counting bunnies.  The breakfasts were amazing, the chocolates very special, and your company was the best treat of all.

T&B, Sammanish, WA

Guest quotes from the Sun room:

1. 8/11/94

"We have been visiting San Juan Island several times traveling by boat from Victoria. Until now we could not imagine what kind of welcome and hospitality we missed so far. We will tell all our friends about this wonderful new experience .

Looking forward to our next visit"

M&F; Victoria Canada

2. 4/16/95

"Our trip to the San Juan's was greatly enhanced by your beautiful home and warm hospitality. We noticed all of the "extra" touches - they made us feel special. We especially enjoyed your willingness to talk while you worked and the sharing of your trade secrets! Your Sun room is the best for reading! Thanks again for all."

D&M; San Diego, CA

3. 9/15/96

"Our wedding memories would not have been complete without your gracious company. We shall forever treasure the time we've spent here. Our only regret is that our stay was so short. We already eagerly await our next visit. The Tower House will soon become like a "second home", I believe! Thank you for all you've done! We wish you both every success and happiness."

M&J; Eugene, OR