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Why San Juan Island

The San Juan Islands appeal to what marketers call the eco-tourist or person seeking light adventure. They come to see birds, especially bald eagles and other critters such as deer, fox, otters, seals and of course the playful Orca whales, some of which live year round in the waters around Washington and Canada. More than anything else, I think people come here for the relaxed pace. They come to forget their hectic lifestyles, to a place where no one really cares who you are or what you do.

For those who want to "get back to nature", Moran State Park on Orcas Island has the best trails around and the best view point, Mt Constitution, but San Juan Island is noted for a little bit of everything. It also has great trails, a great view from Mt. Young, miles of public beaches, many parks (some usually quite secluded because poorly publicized), a double movie theatre, community theatre, great restaurants, and of course, Lime Kiln or Whale watch park where Orcas come closer to shore than anywhere in the world. (I watched a woman get wet from the spray of an Orca one day while she was standing next to the water). No matter what kind of activity or lack of it appeals to you, it can be enjoyed with practically no pollution because of the location and wind directions. Be sure to check out the pictures on the "Photos from around the island" page.

For more information about Orca whale watching, be sure to click the "Seasonal concerns for San Juan Island". Also, find about the Whale adoption program.


San Juan Island has a wide variety of restaurants that are surprisingly high quality for such a small community.

Click here for the restaurant page

Click here for the San Juan Island Link Directory

Area History and Museums:

Friday Harbor was named after a sheepherder named Joseph Friday in the 1800's or at least that is one story <g>. The national parks, British Camp and American Camp focus on a 13 year war call the Pig War. Apparently an American shot a British owned pig that was in his potatoe patch. They couldn't agree on the value of the pig and no one knew where to bring the lawsuit so a war over territory was the result. It was finally settled through arbitration by Kaiser Wilhelm who divided up the boundaries. Both parks have lots of information about the war, do re-enactments and British Camp has a well done, quick slide show on it. You can also learn more at the San Juan Historical Museum (360) 378-3949 and the Pig War Museum (360) 378-6495. Local web sites with information can be found on the page called More San Juan Island Web Sites.

San Juan Island is the perfect place to pack a cooler for a relaxing picnic
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