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at the Tower House

Served on fine china, crystal, silver and antique linens, the breakfasts at the Tower House are truly unique. Our breakfasts are very large in order to give our guests some choices (We never call your mother if you don't eat everything on your plate). Although plentiful, we aim for low in fat, low cholesterol, not too sweet, healthy, yet very tasty with an interesting presentation. Our breakfasts are vegetarian, but please let us know in advance if you are vegan.

Some commonly served breakfasts:

1. Fruit filled blintzes; a baked hash brown, cheese mixture with sour cream, onion soup mix, etc; homemade scones. 2. Fruit, marmalade and yogurt blend; souffles; polenta with mushroom sauce and fresh baked popovers. 3. Moroccan pie; hot stuffed tomatoes; apricot-orange couscous; lemon popovers; pears with gorgonzola and melon. (This was the featured breakfast in the Nov/Dec issue of "The Inn Times" article on Vegetarian Inns).

This breakfast includes a sweet nut tamale with strawberry mango sauce. Mexican day also includes a Mushroom Pudding filled with tortillas, mushrooms, onions, cheese, and other flavors. The dish is served with Quinoa Pilaf, a South American grain.

Special touches:

We take pictures of our guests at the table and near the tower and send them to you later. We not only alternate the menus so you get a change each day, but we even change the table settings.

I'm sure you'll agree, our breakfasts are not typical of most B&B's. If you're looking for something different, tasty, yet healthy and/or you have special dietary needs and would appreciate being catered to, try the Tower House Bed & Breakfast.

Please let us know how you found the Tower House web page.

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