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Featured Articles and Guide Books

1. On the cover of the 1994 edition of The Essential San Juan Islands Guide by Marge & Ted Mueller. " fulfilled our dreams". Pictured again on pages 20 and 197 of the 1996 edition. Written by "spy" writers that pay full price for the room. This is probably the most complete guide for the San Juan Islands.

To order this book through Amazon books, click buy "Essential Guide". Note: this order link is for the current 1996 edition, not the 1994 copy shown here.

2. The Vegetarian Traveler: Where to Stay If You're Vegetarian, Vegan, Environmentally Sensitive by Jed & Susan Civic. "...Chris and Joe pride themselves on their breakfast cuisine and assure that even people on special diets such as vegan or gluten-free can enjoy a full breakfast".

To order this book through Amazon books, click buy "Vegetarian Traveler".

3. Best Places: San Juan & Gulf Islands by Jan Halliday.  To order this book through Amazon books, click buy "Best Places San Juan & Gulf Islands".

4. Recommended Bed & Breakfasts (Tm): Pacific Northwest by Myrna Oakley.  To order this book through Amazon books, click buy "Recommended Bed & Breakfasts (Tm): Pacific Northwest".

5. Bed & Breakfast Homes - Best of the West Coast by George Winsley, Diane Knight and Jane McAllister. "Luxuries and little suprises grace the vintage home, which manages to be both cozy and elegant."

To order this book through Amazon books, Click buy Bed & Breakfast Homes

6. "The Inn Times" editor Phil La Padula; Nov/Dec 1994 - featured recipes from Tower House in cover story on Vegetarian inns.

7. Washington State Travelor's Affordable Accommodations by Elaine Ingle.

To order this book through Amazon books, click buy Travelor's Affordable Accommodations.

8. Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S. and Canada by The Vegetarian Resource Group.

To order this book through Amazon books, click buy Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants.

9. Victorian Voyages U.S Travel Guide for Victorian Era Enthusiasts by Christine Romaine.

To order this book through Amazon books, click buy Victorian Voyages

More books about the islands:

Wild Plants of the San Juan Islands by Scott Atkinson and Fred Sharpe. To order this book through Amazon books click buy Wild Plants of the San Juan Islands.

Looking for a great book on island history instead of a guide book? Try Pig War Islands: The San Juans of Northwest Washington by David Blair Richardson.  Click buy "Pig War Islands".

The San Juan Islands: Afoot and Afloat by Marge & Ted Mueller. Click buy Afoot and Afloat.

Birding In the San Juan Islands by Mark Lewis, Fred Sharpe (Illustrator.  Click buy Birding.

San Juan Islands Wildlife: A Handbook for Exploring Nature by Evelyn Adams, Jim Hayes (Illustrator). Click buy Exploring

Prefer fiction with the Islands as a setting? How about Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson. Click buy Snow Falling on Cedars.

The best marine biology ID book I've found.  It was recommended to me by a local marine biologist: Whelks to Whales : Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest  by Rick M. Harbo. Click buy Whelks

. Local Authors:

In Season: Culinary Adventures of a San Juan Island Chef by Greg Atkinson. Click: buy In Season

Whale Tales: Human Interactions With Whales by Peter J Fromm. Click: buy Whale Tales

Flight as a Lifetime Passion, Adventures, and Lessons by John P. Geyman. Click buy Flight.

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